Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Supreme Court Turns Invalids into Criminals

I dearly hope that none of the august Justices on the Supreme Court ever have to watch someone close them die, slowly, from cancer.

I dearly hope that none of these fine men and women ever have to see someone they love in such intense pain that they beg to die...knowing that they can dial back that pain for their loved one - but they have to withhold the treatment.

Just because the Justice Department is having a hard time fighting illegal drugs is no reason to put so many people into incredible pain and misery.

I have a dear friend who fought cancer, raging through her body, at least three times. The doctors told her, on the first round, that her chances were slim. But she wasn't buying into that nonsense. Marijuana helped her beat the pain of the cancer and the treatments.

It's taken years, cost her everything she had, including a husband,...but, so far, she's in fine shape. And she's helped thousands of others deal with the trauma and pain and shock of the experience as a volunteer counselor and speaker. Today, she does even more good doing fundraising for various charities. Because she lives, she makes the world a better place.

She couldn't have done it if she'd had to endure the pain.

Pain doesn't just hurt the body. It drains the spirit, too.

Do you understand what yesterday's Supreme Court Decision criminalizing medical marijuana users really means?

It's not about the drugs.

It means that the Supreme Court of the United States of America has determined that states don't have the right to pass laws within their own borders. It means that if all the voters of a state pass a law, and the Federal government doesn't agree, they can overrule our rights and make us criminals.

What do you think about the implications of the Supreme Court's decision?

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