Friday, January 14, 2005

Get a Clue Time

Speaking of the floods and landslides in California and elsewhere in the USA this winter, many people have faced inconsolable tragedies - lost loved onesand lost or destroyed homes.

While my heart goes out to you - I am also furiouswith you for putting yourselves into that position.
On the news, I hear nany people screaming that they warned their local or state government about these dangers near their homes. I saw one group, in La Conchita, yelling at Governor Arnold, blaming him for not having shored up the hillside above their homes.

Hey folks, wake up!

If you can't get any insurance coverage from any carrier AND you can't get any lenders to lend you money against those homes - doesn't that tell you it's too dangerous to live there?

It's not the government's responsibility to support your decision to live in a dangerous area. It's not up to your fellow taxpayers around the state or country to help fund your right to live in a lovely, but dangerous place,next to the ocean, that many taxpayers can't even afford to visit.

If you want to live in places like that - it's up to YOU and the members of YOUR community tofind or raise the funds to make it safe.

Why I am so furious with people like this?

It's not just the financial cost.
It's the fact that their decision has cost the lives of people they love.
Those deaths could have been prevented.

It was a choice.

Isn't it time to take responsibility for ourown actions? And to prevent needless deaths?

With love,

Your TaxMom.

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