Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What do you know about Israel?

And where your tax dollars have gone?

What did the Jews bring to the Land of Israel?
They drained the swamps and wiped out malaria.
They planted trees and turned Israel into a fertile, productive land of milk and honey.
They created Kibbutzim to help each other pool their resources and develop marketable products, we use all over the world - food, plastics, and more.
They developed desalination technology to create potable water, where there was only salt.
They developed solar technology, to tap in the only major power resource, since there is no oil.
They created lovely, happy music and art.
They poured money into education and institutions of learning and grew, useful productive citizens - who win Nobel prizes in science, literature and more.

What did the Arab nations bring to the Land of Israel and to their Palestinian brethren?
They left these people in camps and settlements, refusing them admittance to their countries, where there was space to spare.
They left them starving and thirsting for water, health facilities and normal lives.
They used their oil technology wealth to fund madrassas wherein young boys are taught to hate and die, instead of the beauty of Islam.
They pumped anger and hatred into the spirit of their people - and weapons of death.

During the 63 years since Israeli Independence these people of Palestine could have been easily absorbed into other Arab countries AND Israel, peacefully - and they could have all had healthy, happy productive lives. Remember, after Independence, the Israelis did invite Arabs to remain, as long as they were willing to live in peace. None of this bloodshed should ever have happened.

Why does no one ask - Why did the Arab nations prevent this from happening?


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