Thursday, March 03, 2005

Elect the West Wing Writing Team

Did you see this week's West Wing?

(Come on my friends,you must - you'll be tested on it each Friday.)

The writers were amazing.

(Credits show Debora Cahn, Mark Goffman and Josh Singer who are finally doing a strong job replacing Aaron Sorkin.)

Seriously, though, they tackled children's rights and lowering the voting age.
They tackled the games lawmakers must play to get a chance to vote -
when the opposing party (or Speaker of the House doesn't want an issue addressed).

They got into an open discussion about stem cell research (though, they left out a discussion of the alternative, non-threatening sources of stem cells, like dental areas - the roots of teeth).

They even got into a discussion about a ridiculous fight between hunters from Montana and Canadian law enforcement. They showed just how such childish behaviour could escalate into war - if you let it.

The point is - you don't need to agree with any point of view. But they provide so much great material to think about, or to start a conversation about.

Heck, if you can't find a way to start chatting at a party...try bringing up the West Wing.

To read about the topics:

I am loving the ideas and insights they bring into my home.

(Except for the stuff with Mako -I mean, what, taking a terrific, interesting guy likethat and giving him and Martin Sheen such wimpy scenes together. What is this - Will and Grace? Not only is it unbecoming for a president to whine about a co-winner of the Nobel Prize, it's so silly. For heaven's sake - that was a weak story line. I am a long-time Mako fan - and didn't enjoy either him or Martin Sheen in that segment - and learned nothing about the Nobel Prize.)

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