Thursday, April 03, 2003

Congress, the President and the taxpaying public all have different concerns when it comes to tax laws, rebates, credits, deductions etc.

Frankly, the last round of rebates was outrageously irresponsible and expensive. It was short-sighted of Congress to approve. The whole thing was misleading - since it was not really a refund at all. It was just an advance from your regular tax refund. People are still screaming, and complaining, looking for the rebates they never got in 2001 - and it's been over a year an a half since.

The most recent round of tax cuts may or may not happen. With Bush focussing on the war, Congress is busy gutting the most recent tax bills. We've yet to see the final results.

To tell you the truth, the only way to change the tax system is to participate. Watch your Senators and Congressfolk - and send them e-mails and letters when you disagree - and even when you agree. It's always nice to get friendly letters, isn't it.

More to come....

Eva Rosenberg

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